24/7 Emergency Response Unit

Time is essential when it comes to fire related cleanings, soot and smoke can creates more damage than the original fire. A fast response is critical.

For example, a huge quantity of chlorides are produced and created in combination with steam coming from the extinguishing water aggressive acids, therefore it’s essential to start asap to prevent further unnecessary collateral damage to machinery and construction and to avoid the further cost.

Cleaning the air ducts after a fire is even more difficult when precious time is wasted, so be sure to react quick.

Time is essential

On-deck spills

It goes without saying that on-deck spills regardless of the content need to be stopped and cleaned asap as the environmental damage can be catastrophic.

MSR will be there where you need us, call our 24 hours emergency response number in case our services are needed.

Check the before and after in the following image.

The standard for when it comes to cleaning and disposal.